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Register and protect your lotterysports betsprivate betsgambles

Bet2Share is an innovative platform that allows you to share all kinds of lotteries and bets with total security and trust.

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Register and protect your lotterysports betsprivate betsgambles

Bet2Share is an innovative platform that allows you to share all kinds of lotteries and bets with total security and trust.

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Betting with friends and family is funnier.

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Betting with friends and family is funnier.


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How does it work?

Fill out the registration form and create your user account.

Buy credits (individual or packages). You can pay with money or ICOM tokens for an extra 20% off your purchase.

Verify your identity so that your registrations have legal validity. This will only be done once and from that moment all your betting registrations will be associated with your verified digital identity.

Register your bet or lottery ticket. To do that:

On a piece of paper, put the lottery ticket or bet receipt and write down the full names, id number and the percentage of participation for each of the people who have joined in that bet.

Register your bet or lottery ticket. To do that:

Take a photo of the paper and upload it in the registration form in your dashboard with a title and the same participant information that you’ve put on the paper in the previous step. In this way, all this information will also be reflected in the proof of registration.

Once the form is submitted, we generate a digital fingerprint of the photo and, in a few seconds, it will be registered in the blockchain along with a time stamp. No one, except the owner of the original document and the participants with whom it is shared, will have access to the original content.

Download the certification proof with all the registration data and share it, together with the original registered file, with the rest of the participants, who will be able to verify who are the original betters and the exact date on which it was registered, thanks to the time stamp.

Save the original file along with the proof of registration. To maintain the validity of the registration it is essential to present exactly the original file, without changes, since the verification process detects the smallest modifications as tampering attempts.

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Are you playing by yourself?

Certify your bet and record your ownership in case of loss or deterioration of the ticket.

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Do not let distrust spoil a friendship.

Don’t gamble with your relationships. Register from the beginning the participations in bets and lotteries, if you happen to win, everything is clear.

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Eliminates uncertainty: blockchain certification generates a digital trace with the information about the participants, which allows you to prove who is the custodian of the ticket and who are the people that they shared said bet.

Legal validity: our registrations serve as a “certified backup” against claims between the parties or loss of the original by the custodian.

Private and secure data: all your certification data is stored securely and privately, with a unique digital trace thanks to the blockchain technology.

Custodian’s accountability: by registering the bet the custodian is personally and legally bound, thanks to what is known as “non-repudiation”. This gives legal certainty to the rest of the participants.

Our technology


Blockchain technology offers a decentralized database based on a network of independent computers called nodes. Each of the nodes has to validate and approve a change in the network, which reduces the dependencies and vulnerabilities of the centralized storage of information.

In addition, thanks to the use of cryptography, it allows us to keep information secure and revolutionize the way we store and share information.

Identity verification

Just as when you are going to sign a document before a notary, or when you go to a public registry, you must prove your identity by showing an official identity document, so that for the certifications issued by Bet2Share to have legal validity, they must be associated with a previously verified identity.

But don’t worry: this identity verification process does not violate your privacy, since your personal data will not be shared with anyone and will only be used for this purpose. You should also know that this information will not be visible either (unless you expressly mark it as public), since, thanks to cryptography, we “anonymize” all operations, keeping your personal data safe.

Protect all types of bets

From the euromillion to national lottery or sports betting the limit is your imagination

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Frequently asked questions

Once a collective bet has been registered, how can it be proven by whom it was made?2022-08-25T12:36:38+01:00

At Bet2share we differentiate between the custodian (who is the one who makes the registration and who is usually also one of the participants, although he does not have to be) and the participants of the bet. When registering, the custodian acquires the responsibility as such before possible prize collection, as well as its subsequent distribution among the participants based on the declared percentage of participation. On the other hand, any of the participants will be able to demonstrate their participation by accessing the Bet2share “Verify participation” option, through the QR of the certificate and the original registered file that the depositary will have shared with them.

What type of bets and lotteries can be registered?2022-08-25T12:26:01+01:00

All kinds of bets, whether individual or collective: national lotteries, Euromillions, sports bets, private bets… Bet2share creates the appropriate trust framework to register said bets and generate the necessary accountability, based on the evidence provided by our certified records.

How long does my bet registration last?2022-08-25T12:21:55+01:00

Bet2share certifications DO NOT expire and by relying on robust and decentralized public registries, the user has the guarantee of permanence provided by these networks.

What legal validity does it have?2022-08-25T12:16:55+01:00

By being associated with a previously verified identity and using the encryption algorithms of blockchain technology, our records have full legal validity as evidence in the event of possible claims or disputes.

Create an environment of trust and avoid disputes

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