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How does it work?

Sign up

Fill out the registration form and verify your identity so that your records have legal validity. Buy credits or subscribe directly to start registering.

Compress your file

You can upload any type of file as long as it is less than 13MB. You can register any audiovisual or photographic content. If your video or photo weights more than indicated, you must compress it before uploading it. For copyright registration, what is important is the content and not its audiovisual quality, so there is no problem if it looses some quality during compression.

Register your work

Upload your script of short film to the dashboard that you’ll find at the top menu once registered. We’ll generate a digital fingerprint of the file and register it in the blockchain in a matter of seconds.

Download your recipt

Get your certificate with all the registration data. The people with whom you’ve shared it will be able to consult the record and verify that it belongs to you, along with the exact date it was made thanks to the time stamp.

Save the original file

To maintain the validity of the registration it is essential to present the exact same file you registered, without changes, because the digital fingerprint process will detect even the smallest modifications and generates a totally different value.

May the copyright be with you.
– Star Wars, 1977

Protect your work

Why Davcopy?

Davcopy provides a digitalized and decentralized certification that makes the registration process of any audiovisual work cheaper and easier: scripts, short films, feature films, videos for networks, photography, advertising, archival audiovisual pieces, etc. In addition, it offers the possibility of generating NFTs of the works in a simple way, to enhance their commercial scope.

We offer an alternative to traditional registration platforms, digital, innovative and based on blockchain technology, which allows registering files in an easy and secure way.

Davcopy is an innovative and powerful alternative to traditional and outdated IP registration platforms. Facilitating the process, and offering more security thanks to the latest blockchain technology.

Eliminate the fear of possible plagiarism

Blockchain certification makes it possible to prove the authorship of the work, avoiding the copying of scripts.

Internacional validity

The certificates issued by Davcopy are valid in the 179 signatory countries of the Berna Convention.

Security for the entire creation process

By being so affordable, you can also record synopses and the process of creation, providing an extra layer of security.

Private and immutable data

Thanks to the latest cryptographic technology, your certification data is stored securely and privately with a unique digital trace.

A Lannister always protects his creations
– Game of thrones, 2011

Protect your work

What people say about us?

Throughout my career I have created a lot of content for documentaries and internet advertising, and I have had bad experiences with plagiarism of my creations. DavCopy is an essential tool to record my creations safely and easily.

Roldan Bernis, Documentalist and videographer.

Davcopy is a powerful and innovative alternative that I count on whenever I shoot or write a new short film. It is the safest and fastest way to protect my work before distributing it at festivals or publishing it on the internet.

Jose Vicente Botías, FilmMaker & Producer

Blockchain. Blockchain protection.
– Dr. No, 1962

Protect your work


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Protect it, my dear Watson.
– Sherlock Holmes, 1939

Protect your work
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Our technology


Blockchain technology offers a decentralized database based on a network of independent computers called nodes. Thanks to the use of cryptography, it allows us to keep the information secure and revolutionize the way in which we store and share information.

Each of the nodes has to validate and approve a change in the network, which reduces dependencies and vulnerabilities of a centralized information storage.

Identity verification

In order for the certifications issued by Davcopy to have legal validity, they must be associated with a previously verified identity. Just as when you need to verify your identity through your identity document when you are going to sign a document before a notary or when you go to a public registry to register.

However, this necessary identity verification does not violate your privacy since your personal data will not be shared with anyone and will only be used for this purpose. In addition, you should know that when carrying out the blockchain certifications, this information will not be visible, since, thanks to cryptography, we “anonymize” all operations, keeping your personal data safe.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

A non-fungible token (NFT) represents ownership of a digital asset with unique value, such as a song, photo, video clip, or digital work of art. On the other hand, ‘fungible’ means interchangeable, so they can be replaced one by the other (like money, for example).

The NFT is something like the document where the script appears plus a label that says: “this file is original, limited edition and cannot be copied”. In other words: NFTs allow you to handle and manage digital assets.



    How long does my registration last?2022-06-27T10:30:14+01:00

    Blockchain registers are permanent, and the duration of copyright protection is subject to the legislation of each country.

    How to reduce the size of my file to be able to upload it?2022-06-30T15:19:06+01:00

    We only accept files with a weight less than 17MB, in case your file is larger you must compress it. To do this, we provide you with an explanatory tutorial on how to reduce the weight of your video. In addition, we remind you that for property registration, what is important is the content and not its audiovisual quality, so there is no problem if it is inferior when compressed.

    Once registered, how can I prove the authorship of my written or audiovisual work to a third party?2022-07-01T09:05:25+01:00

    The registration of the file generates a hash and a time stamp, where the identification data that automatically link the author with his creation is encrypted. In the event of a legal dispute, anyone can validate said code and verify that you are the original author.

    Once certified, it is important not to make any changes to the original file, so as not to modify its digital trace.

    What file types can you register?2022-07-01T09:06:35+01:00

    You can register all file types, both the finished written work in any format and the video creations or text files that only contain the synopsis or the treatment.

    Does registering my audiovisual work in the blockchain have legal validity?2022-07-01T09:12:17+01:00

    Registering of your script or short video in the blockchain has legal validity in the 179 signatory countries of the Berne Convention. It is an alternative, fast and reliable way to avoid plagiarism when you share it on social networks or with your friends. It is a commitment to the future, and facilitates the process of comparing different pieces and verifying the identity of their original creator.

    You had me at “blockchain copyright protection”
    – Jerry Maguire, 1996

    Protect your work


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